I thought this A-Level maths was hard…

It is January and the start of semester 2, which means time for semester 1 exams and that means I am stressed out! I always stress at exams but seem to perform ok in them- I think I must thrive of the pressure a bit. At this current point in time, I have done two exams and have two left. I had the worst of the bunch last week and I was a bit of a wreck prior to it. I had been to see my psychologist before the exam and I felt ok once I had left the practice that evening, but a few days before the exam I was stressed out. I was crying and had convinced myself I had not done enough work. Although I had convinced myself of this before every exam, this time I was sure I hadn’t (just like I was sure I was going to mess up my A-Levels, but they were alright in the end) and it got to the point where my Mum had to say stop working and relax. I sat the exam and had a mild anxiety attack whilst there. It wasn’t a great exam but I have found this is the topic most people struggle with. With two exams left, I currently feel less stressed, but a bit nervous as everyone will. My attempts to de-stress have consisted of going to Nandos with my friends last night,for a break, and listening to some of my favourite songs when I wake up. Although, not medically proven, I am 100% convinced listening to the Vamps, Taylor Swift, the Janoskians and Cimorelli has medicinal effects and destressing qualities. I’ll let the doctors test that one out though…


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