Top 5 quick tips for starting to deal with anxiety

  1. Find someone to speak to

Bottling up your feelings is not going to help you with dealing with your problems. It doesn’t have to be parents or teachers, but telling a friend can help you share the load.

2.  Get professional help

They are there to help and know what they are talking about. I hated going to the psychologist at first but it really helps me. There are lots of government services available, as well as charities and private services, so there is always some there for you

3. Manage your stresses

One thing my psychologist tells me to do is manage my stresses by considering responsibility. Say I am stressed about my homework because I think I won’t complete it on time. I have to find the time to do it as this is my responsibility but don’t let it get on top of me as it is not the end of the world if I don’t complete it once (not that I’m saying do your homework late). However, say my dad can’t find a house he wants to live in (a current stress of mine) then that is not my responsibility, so I shouldn’t let it get on top of me. A lot of the time I find I can only take limited responsibility for my stresses and so I find, once I’ve realised this, that I feel less stressed.

4. Avoid avoidance

If you avoid going somewhere because it makes you anxious then you’re going to make little progress. This is a lesson that it took me sometime to learn. Eventually, I realised this is the most important part of getting back on track. I have an unfortunate problem with supermarkets (weird I know, but my body misinterprets the change in light as a threat and then I have an anxiety attack) and use to avoid going into them. Slowly I got back to going into them by gradually going into the shop further and for longer periods of time. I still don’t enjoy going into supermarkets that much, but I go into them now, which is more than I would have done before. This principle of small steps can be applied to anything, so take it one step at a time.

5. Take time to relax

No matter how busy life gets, you’ve got to find the time to take a step back and de-stress. I like to take time out to see my friends, listen to music or watch TV or youtube to have sometime for me. If you don’t take some time out things are going to get more and more stressed until it feels unmanageable.



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