‘Weird’ Stresses and Anxities

When I think about what triggers my anxiety and anxiety attacks and things that stress me out, some seem reasonable and others are obviously totally irrational. I thought I’d make a list of things that have caused me stress and anxiety or induced an anxiety attack in the past or at present, so you can see that if you think you have anxiety attacks with weird triggers, don’t worry I do too 🙂

  • Open spaces
  • Supermarkets
  • Certain stretches of road and motorway
  • Looking at my whole face or eyes in the mirror (but I can focus on specific parts)
  • Driving
  • Upstairs in my house, especially when I’m in alone
  • The bathroom at home
  • Being away from home because I’m a fussy eater and I struggle to sleep out of my own bed
  • Drinking, because being tipsy feels like I’m having an anxiety attack
  • Specific classrooms
  • Concert venues
  • Cinemas
  • Football grounds (Huddersfield Town need to get it sorted because my anxiety attacks are always way worse when I’m there for away matches 😉 )
  • Being alone, in public or at home
  • Presentations and public speaking
  • Exams
  • Change, like from high school to sixth form to uni
  • Talking about anxiety attacks
  • Eye contact, but I more feel uncomfortable with that than it causing me stress
  • Performing on stage (which is a problem when you dance) especially when I know people watching
  • Changes in light
  • Changes in temperature
  • Sometimes if I hear my own voice or see pictures of myself when I feel off I start to feel worse
  • Trying to get to sleep
  • People sitting behind me
  • I sometimes feel better/worse if I sit in a certain place or walk on a certain side of the road
  • Going to a place I’ve had an anxiety attack before

I think some people don’t always understand why these things trigger my anxiety attacks and half the time neither do I, but eventually I have managed to eliminate some of these things from the list. We all have odd thing we stress about, so if you think you are alone, you’re 100% not…


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