Thank yous

I’ve been thinking about whether I’ve made the right choices for me a lot recently and that got me on to thinking, have I thanked everyone in my life enough? Some of the people I am about to thank will probably never see this, but I just want it out there somewhere just in case they do.

First of all, I want to thank my long time friends. I have some brilliant friends I’ve known for years and whether I don’t see them for 2 weeks or 2 months, they are always there when I need them.

Thank you to all the girls at dancing. Although I’m not there anymore I could always go and have a great time.

Thank you to Guides for sticking by me whilst I completed my Baden Powell Award and helping me realise that, I don’t want to do what’s ‘cool’ if that means I have to stop doing what I love. I never got to send a card to tell you this, but thank you none the less.

Thank you to my sixth form friends. You guys are always up for a laugh and helped make upper sixth one of the best years of my life. We may all be spread around the country (the only way we could have been more spread out is if someone went to Falmouth) but you’re all always there for a chat when I need it.

Thank you to my uni friends, on my course and in societies. Living at home whilst at uni is quite difficult, but you have all made it so much easier.

Thank you to my 2 closest friends. You 2 know when I’m not feeling great and how to cheer me up. We have had so many great times and I hope we have so many more- especially girly sleepovers, because they seem to produce so many hilarious moments.

Thank you to anyone in my classes in Year 11 and at sixth form. Never once did anyone pressure me into telling them what was wrong when I used to run out of class in floods of tears and I’m grateful for that

Thank you to all the teachers who had faith in my abilities even when I was not in class consistently.

The next thank you is a bit different, but a thank you all the same. In geography class at sixth form, me and my friend were explaining that if all went wrong in our A-levels we were going to be part-time chocolate/wine tasters and part-time Disney princesses. This thank you is to the girl I didn’t know very well, but who laughed with us and said that I could be Snow White because that’s the princess I look the most like. I said thank you at the time, but I think I may have sounded a bit sarcastic. So this is a proper thank you and in the moment I was gob-smacked and never got to say, you would make a brilliant Belle.

On a lighter note, thank you to Nottingham Forest for the cheap season tickets for under 21s. As a student, the words cheap and discount really appeal. Thank you to our ex-manager, for signing a petition calling for improved mental health services, whilst he was still at the club. In an upcoming post I’ll explain why I think we need improved mental health services. Unfortunately, given our current position in the table, I don’t really have anything else much to thank you for…

Thank you to my family for sticking by me. My mum, dad, Grandmas, little brother and everyone else-you are the best family I could have asked for. Thank you to my little brother for being a cheeky monkey and making me laugh, but also behaving when I’m looking after you!

Lastly, thank you to my mum. Now that it’s just us 2 at home we could have just co-existed, but I think we have come closer together. I can talk to you about anything and we have become so close. You have supported me throughout these last few years, when things have been tough, and I’m grateful for it.

That is all I can think of for now, but I just wanted to say a big thank you to all these people for everything they have done…


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