Great night

Last night, I had an amazing time going to watch one of my favourite bands. I travelled to Leeds, from my hometown, to go watch 5 Seconds of Summer with my friend and they were brilliant. No gimmicks, just them playing. I could easily make this post about how great the concert was and why I think they a gift to the music world and why voodoo doll is easy my favourite song, but I’ll not.

I bought their first album after hearing She Looks So Perfect and enjoyed it, but was not hugely into them. I started to read more about them and bought they’re second album anyway. I never really got the whole, “I can relate to that song,” thing until I heard some of they’re second album. Some of the lyrics in Jet Black Heart and Permanent Vacation just stuck with me. I know one of the band had had mental health struggles and I feel they may have drawn on that in some of their songs, because I can 100% see myself in what they are singing. I find this pretty rare, because I spend a lot of time, when my anxiety flares up badly, complaining that nobody understands. It’s pretty refreshing to listen to someone or something and think “Yes, that’s how I feel!” (another example of this is when I read an interview with Zoella-I’ll put in a link at the bottom of this post).Then, I found out about what they wanted to convey through their music to their fans. I’d like to applaud them really, because the way they have encouraged strength and promoted individually into their teenage fan base is something to be admired. When I was younger I always wanted to be one of the ‘cool’ kids and never was. It took me a long time to figure out that being ‘uncool’ at school is not some form of social suicide (you don’t have to follow the crowd to be happy in yourself) and I think this is a lesson that some teenagers of today haven’t really learnt, but it would be reassuring for them to know. I find what they are trying to put across, through their music, really responsible and admirable, which is on of the reasons why I’m a fan and was so excited to go to their concert.

So, the night was great and I had a fantastic time. I had a slight panic attack (the irony, for all the 5sos fans, is that it was in Jet Black Heart) but had such a good time I didn’t really care. I have another concert coming up soon, but in a larger arena, so I’m hoping my panic attacks don’t flare up then…

Really blurry photograph :/

Zoella article link-


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