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I’ve been struggling with anxiety pretty much all my life without realising it. I was always a strict rule follower as a child and not sticking to the rules really got to me. On reflection I’ve probably suffered from different forms OCD since the top end of primary school and panic disorder since about Year 9 in high school. I’m now just about to turn 21 and I still struggle to find really good support for my anxiety or information about different therapies and medication with immediate access. Below I’m going to put my favourite resources on anxiety and videos I have found really help with a sort reason why. I hope they help other people too:

  • Mind-

Not only does mind have an extensive list of mental health issues, but also discusses therapies, medication and advises friends and relative’s on how to support you.

  • NHS-

They explain in really simple terms about different conditions and what you may be advised is best for you. I always want to stress that self-diagnosis is not a really great idea and if you think you suffer with anxiety to see a doctor.

  • Youtube-

This is genuinely the most accurate video I’ve seen on anxiety and depression. I can 100% relate to this more than someone sat in a glossy TV studio discussing the matter without having experienced it

There was also a great article on different people’s stories of their OCD, but I can’t find it.

  • BBC Sounds

I’ve done a post on this BBC Radio 1 interview with Cheryl and how great I think it was and discussing some of the topics that crop up

I’ll add to this list in future when if I find any more websites I find really useful…


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